Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We Live For This

The American Efficiency Services philosophy regarding tube cleaning is this: anyone can put a cleaner in a tube and push. The individuals doing the work make the difference in quality.

AES provides crews dedicated to safety, quality job performance and completion. All personnel are full time employees of AES. Our reporting system is ready to transfer photographs and video images to our customers directly from the condenser. We believe that if you don’t know the project status, we aren’t doing our job.

So we are thrilled when we receive a note like the one below, sent to our Project Manager by a well satisfied customer after AES performed tube cleaning services on two units at his plant:

I have been very pleased with the results of AES condenser cleaning activities on Units 1 & 3. The final report is very beneficial for referencing after all of the activities start to mentally run into one event and the details get lost. I had specifically requested a final report from a competitor (of yours) and it was never delivered.

I would like to take one of your final reports and share with some of my peers across our fleet. I would also like to do the same with our purchasing management and include a personal endorsement.

I like the way you guys are driven to succeed and look forward to continued relations.

For more information on AES' tube cleaning services, and to view a demonstration video, please click here .

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